Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lost in adaption

I have recently noticed that my blog posts are coming few and far between, especially when compared to a few months ago. And I realize now that Mariko and I are being adapted to our way of living here in Germany. What was once so strange to us (and would lead to blog posts) now feels normal... which means I don't think about writing posts nearly as often.

It is amazing at how fast we have adapted to life here. I know that I generally adapted to new situations easily, but living in Europe is not a "normal" thing for most Americans to have to adapt to. I'm sure part of the reason is that Mariko speaks the language so well and I can get by with out problems. Because at least then we understand what we are trying to adapt to.

Things are starting to pick up for us however, as we have planned things approaching. Most of February was just a slow month for us, not including the last week of it.... which is when everything seemed to happen. But more on that with upcoming posts.

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