Friday, April 13, 2012

Seasons come, and season go

The weather here in Germany is starting to take a change for the better (finally!), and seeing as I walk everywhere it is easier for me to see these changes. Though sadly I am come to learn that Northern Germany doesn't have the best weather in general, especially when compared with Colorado. Now a lot of people may be confused with that comment as Colorado has some pretty nasty weather days... but I disagree. I have found recently that I really do like Colorado's four seasons, seasons that give me a chance to enjoy all different types of weather.... and I really do enjoy all of them.

Czech it off!

Prague by night
Our next destination was Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and home to some extraordinary sites. From Berlin we took a short 4 1/2 hr train ride to Prague, and was incidentally the only time while traveling in Europe that I've needed to show our passports crossing the border. You can tell that the train staff that headed this direction didn't use English as often as some of the other routes through Germany. One noticeable (which happens to still make us laugh) is when the conductor announce a long string of German over the intercom and then when switching to English was much shorter and only gave basic information.... the best part being "And the dining car is no."