Friday, April 13, 2012

Seasons come, and season go

The weather here in Germany is starting to take a change for the better (finally!), and seeing as I walk everywhere it is easier for me to see these changes. Though sadly I am come to learn that Northern Germany doesn't have the best weather in general, especially when compared with Colorado. Now a lot of people may be confused with that comment as Colorado has some pretty nasty weather days... but I disagree. I have found recently that I really do like Colorado's four seasons, seasons that give me a chance to enjoy all different types of weather.... and I really do enjoy all of them.

For starters the winter here were cold, bleak and mostly devoid of snow.... pretty sad if you ask me. Now I wasn't depressed or dreary due to the weather, but I would have really enjoyed to have a nice blizzard to sweep in. I can honestly say that one of my most peaceful memories in life was at 1:00 am shoveling my car out of the massive snow drift because I had to leave for work in the morning. There was a quite and serene atmosphere that can only be achieved at the dead of night surrounded by freshly fallen snow. If you have never experienced it, I would suggest you try it at least once (maybe not the shoveling part though).

The weather here does however provide me with one of my major loves... RAIN! I must say that one of my biggest enjoyments is walking in the rain. Now when I say rain I don't mean a foul squall blowing stinging wet drops into your face, just the simple downpour of water from the sky. I actually find it amusing to watch people make a mad dash from cover to cover while I gently stroll through the rain. Another bonus about wet weather (this applies to the snow as well), is that it lends itself well to being able to snuggle up with a book, movie or video game and nice cup of coffee/hot chocolate.... now tell me who doesn't love that scenario?

However I am a California kid at heart so the sunshine and summer is near and dear to me. A day filled with bright sunshine takes me back to simpler days of my youth: swimming pools, playing at the beach, driving around town with my friends. People need sunshine, its a proven fact. It provides us with much needed vitamins and lack there of can severely affect the moods of people. While I don't find myself getting depressed without sunshine, I do find myself getting energized with it.

And last of all the season of falling leaves.... a season that until recently I never really cared about. Our time in Germany went from hot summer to cold winter really fast, and made me appreciate that Colorado has an actual fall. Having that slight chill in the air as the days wind down from the heat of summer is a nice feeling... not to mention being able to watch the trees change colors whole mountains at a time. And of course the leaves here did change colors, but there was no sense of "winter is coming enjoy the last days of warmth", instead it was boom "hold onto your hats here is the blustery cold wind of the north".

Though I can not say that I hate the weather here in Germany (all weather has a place for me), I can say that I definitely do miss some of the more familiar seasons that I grew up with... and probably also will. Each season and its weather has a different color in my mind and evokes different memories and emotions for me... I enjoy reliving those memories.

Thank you to Alyssa Jones, my cousin and favorite photographer, for letting me use her photos in this blog post.

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