German Recipes

The first few recipes will be from our cooking class in Marburg (translated from our cooking teachers recipe book):

Roasted Grits-Soup

240g (about 8.5 oz) Grits
1 each carrot, bell pepper and leek
30g (about 1 oz)  butter
1L (about 4.4 cups) Vegetable Broth
1 bunch chives,
Salt, pepper, nutmeg

Finely chop the leek, carrot and bell pepper. Melt the butter in a large pot, add the chopped vegetables and stir until slightly brown.  Set aside. The hilt in a frying pan fry until it smells nutty, then add the vegetables. Add the Vegetable broth and boil well. Reduce heat and cook lightly, stirring often. Serve with chopped chives.

Goat-cheese Pastries

1 Pkg flaky pastry
200g (about 7 oz) Fresh goat-cheese
100g (about 3.5 oz) Grapes; quartered
100g (about 3.5 oz) Walnuts; chopped (optional)
2 Tbsp. Almond flakes (optional)

100º-200ºC (212º-392ºF)

Remove the puff pastry according to package directions and cut into small rectangles or triangles. Sprinkle with walnuts, one teaspoon. Place goat-cheese in the middle with the grapes. Then fold the square or triangle in half. Press with a fork. Brush with a little water and sprinkle with almond flakes, lightly press down to ensure they are shut. Immediately bake in hot oven for 15-20 mins (or until lightly brown)
Serve warm or cold

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