Friday, June 24, 2011

Prelude to the adventure

So in approximately one  month we will be getting married, and by we I mean Mariko and myself of course. 30 small days until all the planning for the past year come into play. We will have family and friends flying, driving and making their way here from where ever they may be.  All the planning and bustle that we've been doing will culminate in a flash of 5 hours, that Mariko and I will probably barely remember without photos, and then we will be married.

Judging from what most people say, after the wedding is when you can take time to relax and just enjoy the new sensation of being married. Well we all know how Mariko and I love to be different, because that just isn't our plan. A mere 15 days after our wedding we will be packing up what we can take with us and moving to Germany. That's right we will be traveling 5004 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to make our home, albeit temporarily, in Braunschweig Germany.

So in the midst of talking with photographers, deciding on which decoration to use, planning on who will sit where, we also get the pleasure of talking with university staff, deciding what to take and what to leave behind and planning what we may need while abroad. Wedding planning isn't always easy, but then neither is plans to live abroad for just under a year. Like I said, we like to do things different!

The writing of this blog will serve two primary purposes. Firstly, I will need something during our time there to keep me occupied. Having invited friends and family both to visit us, there is the possibility that I may be happily playing tour guide. However we realistically understand that hopping on a flight to Europe is not feasible for most people. And since I am unable to get a job while living there, me being a kept man if you will, I have decided that this blog will serve both my time and writing skills well.

And the second reason for the blog: communication with those friends and family mentioned earlier. As I said, we understand that most people are not going to be able to visit us abroad, but those same people may want to know what is going on in our lives and what we are experiencing.  And since we will be in Europe, a place most people are not luckily enough visit often, let alone live, we are hoping to be able to experience as much as we can. Of course we want to share as much of the experiences as we can with all our close friends and family.

So for now this is the first posting in what we hope will be a full and entertaining experience for Mariko and I. My plan is to post a few updates involving wedding and travel plans, but the bulk of post will be done during our stay in Braunschweig. Any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to hit me up.

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