Places we've visited

Here are the Countries that we have visited while in Europe:

The Blue Lines indicate which countries we have been to, while the Red Arrows indicate where in the countries we visited.

Czech Republic
    Mar 22nd-Mar 25th 2012
    Dec 26th-27th 2011
    (Christmas in Lapland)
Aug 7th 2011- July 31st 2012
   June 1st-5th 2012
    Dec 21st-Dec 26th 2011 
    (Christmas in Lapland)

Here is a small map of all the places that we have visited while we are in Germany:

   * Marburg:
           Aug 7th-Sept 23rd 2011                   Language Class
   * Braunschweig:
            Sept 23rd 2011 - July 15th 2012     Fulbright Grant
   * Köln (Cologne):
            Aug 21st 2011-          GamesCom
            Nov 13th 2011-          Tour the city with Rick Alexander
            Dec 31st 2011-           New Years Eve with Fulbrighters
            April 30th 2012-         Tour the city with Matsuda family
   * Frankfurt am Main:
            Aug 27th 2011-          Museumunserfest
   * Heidelberg:
            Sept 2nd 2011-           Castle and city tour
            Nov 11th 2011-          Tour the city with Rick Alexander
   * Mainz:
            Sept 4th 2011-            City tour and Winefest
   * Eichfeld:
            Sept 10th 2011-          German Inner Border Museum
   * Berlin:
            Nov 10th 2011-          Tour city with Rick Alexander
   * Düsseldorf:
            Dec 31th 2011-           Visit city
            April 30th 2012-         Tour city with Matsuda family
   * Bremen:
            Nov 14th 2011-           Tour city with Rick Alexander
            May 1st 2012-             Tour city with Matsuda family
            May 19th 2012-           Visit city with Fulbrighters
   * Potsdam:
            Apr 31st 2012-             Tour castle with Matsuda family
   *  Bad Salzig:
            June 24th-                    Rhine Tour
   *  Göttingen:
            Sept 30th 2011 - Oct 1st 2011    Visit Fulbrighter- Kirsten Dyck
   * Frankfurt am Main:
            Dec 20th - 27th 2011                  Traveling  Frankfurt Airport
   * Baden-Baden:
            Dec 28th - 30th 2011                  Thermal Springs
   * Bonn:
            Dec 31st 2011-                             New Year's Eve 
   * Berlin:
            Jan 20th - 22nd 2012-               Visit Fulbrighters- Carlsons
            Mar 18th - 22nd 2012-               Fulbright 60th Birthday Event 
            Apr 24th - 29th 2012-                Tour city with Matsuda family
   * Hannover:
           Apr 29th - May 2nd 2012-          Visit city with Matsuda family
   * Wilhelmhaven:
            May 17th - 19th 2012-                Visit city
   * Rüdesheim:
            Jun 23rd - 25th 2012-                 Tour city and Rhine River