Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Licenses, parties and packing... oh my!

We are nearing an end to the lovely month of June, and as it does so, both Mariko and I reflect on how much we've accomplished in the past 30 days or so......... and then realize once more that our wedding is in 24 days!!!! And yes we did a little bit of panicking, but not much. I would say just enough. Honestly things are going well and I am almost certain we have things under control. Mariko and I just picked up our wedding license yesterday, so things are starting to feel a bit more "real" but not scary. We have toured the venue once more and hammered down things like the menu, color of table clothes and other such things. Things are looking well on that front.
The Pavilion for the Ceremony

The Reception room

All that is really left is to finish some decorations/flowers that we are making, finish the table assignments and to turn in the final guest count (which is due in 2 weeks). So that means we will only have 1 or 2 minor things pop up and stress us out as we get closer.... it is inevitable and thus I am actually planning for them.

This past weekend Mariko got a fun little party dedicated to her, as my good friend Renee threw a Bridal Shower. It was a cacophony of females as friends and family both converged for Mariko at Josh and Renee's house on Saturday. From what I hear they played a variety of fun games and had some good food and treats, including a chocolate fountain (I'm just a tad jealous). 
Gretchen and Nori dressing up Elizabeth in Toilet Paper
Mariko got some really nice things from everyone, which we weren't really expecting. But Renee was nice enough to get little fun prizes for the guests as well. I heard that Grandma Aggie won some speakers that she thought was candy, and at first she was very excited... until she figured out it wasn't, at which point she got very sad. Luckily Mariko's cousin Kumiko was nice enough to trade her jar of Starbursts so Grandma Aggie was happy once more.

I was able to spend the afternoon out with Josh and Baby Brenden. Was very nice to hang out with just "the guys", as it has been quite a long time just Josh and I spending time together. Nothing too exciting for us, just lunch and strolling Brenden around the mall and some stores.... but regardless we were happy to not be surrounded by the gaggle of women that was at his house. 

Not much else going on for Mariko and I, just finishing packing and getting things as organized as we possibly can (which means barely for now, and most of it at the last minute).

P.S. Mariko is super excited that she finally mastered being able to cook artichoke at home!!

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  1. that is certainly the best toilet paper wedding dress that i have ever seen! (and yes, i have seen many!)