Monday, July 11, 2011


Its been about 2 weeks since my last posting, and though not much new has occurred I wanted to get myself in the habit of posting... so I don't forget once we are in Germany and things are more exciting.  On the wedding front not any big news, decorations are just about done.... Gretchen and Midori have been working hard to get those finished (with help from family). Final guest count is due on Tuesday, July 10th. And the current count is........ 78 people plus one baby! Now that is given those that RSVP show up, and those didn't RSVP don't show up. We shall see!

Other than that the wedding is getting closer, and I as of yet am not stressing out. It is a big step for Mariko and I, but doesn't seem scary to me at all. Plus I am always optimistic and generally need to be not stressed (to help counter Mariko's built in stress factor).

The current big project for Mariko and I is packing!! We have one week to get our apartment all sorted, boxed and ready to go. We are moving everything out next Sunday, and Mariko's parents are kind enough to let us store our stuff in their barn (going to save us quite a bit not having to rent a storage facility). Most of our basic stuff is finished... its the everyday things that are left and that are the most to pack now.

We are a little sad to be leaving Fort Collins, especially  since we've finally find more than 5 restaurants that are safe to eat at. We've enjoyed the slightly mellower weather than most others in the state. Mariko has definitely enjoyed the large population of people that have dogs and walk them often. I've really like the cheap theater across the street from us (only $2-3 for a movie!!).All in all Fort Collins has been a good place for us to live. One sad note is that our favorite Japanese restaurant, Gohan Time, is closing. They are only open for another two days, so we'll make sure to get as much of it as we can.

And just because I enjoy the video so much (and it is German) I wanted to post this commercial! If you've already seen it, I'm sure you'll still laugh (Mariko laughed quite a bit even after watching it twice in a row). And if you haven't seen it... well ... enjoy:

P.S. If you are wondering why the title of this post is "Listzomania", its because that song has been playing through my head over and over and over the past few days.... and I couldn't think of any other title possibility :D

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