Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ding Dong Wedding Bells Pt. 3.2 "The Finale" (Extended)

So yes, the wedding posts are much longer than I originally planned. But then again it makes sense, as A LOT went on. This one should be fairly short, though I do tend to ramble at times. I know that Mariko said she'll have a post after this one about her day, since I don't know what happened prior to the ceremony..... but this is Mariko so anyone's guess if/when she'll post.

Last we left you the wedding blur of fun was ending and we were making our way to the hotel, and yes it was the same hotel that had been giving us so many problems. Mariko arrived and checked in, both of strutting our stuff in formal attire. Luckily we got into our room quite nicely, and began to cool off. Sadly though our change of clothes were in Mariko's parents room, so we had to wait a bit to get comfy.

One HUGE plus was that we had a jacuzzi tub in our room, they upgraded us for free! It is where we actually spent most of the night, playing with bubbles and what not. It had super jets and a fun light that made it look all spiffy! We actually were in there twice. The first time we just filled it up and then turned the jets on about half-way through.... which made massive bubble! So we decided to go in again, this time turning the jets on while filling it up!The bubbles got so big, and they were fluffy! Mariko and I played around making bubble beards and hats.... yes we are just like little kids!

Saturday morning came rather quickly, but we were able to sleep in a fair amount..... never really enough after that much excitement though. We made our way over to Mariko's parents house for a fun little gathering of family and friends. Everyone was coming over to watch us open up all the presents that we were lucky enough to receive. We tried to make it a little more casual and fun, so everyone brought a little bit of food/drink, and we had some yummy taco bowls! It was fun just chatting with everyone for the afternoon, and we were happy to visit a little more with those that traveled to see us. Plus we got some amazing gifts. THANK YOU to everyone that was gracious enough to help us out!!

Saturday ended sooner than I would have liked, but I know people had things they needed to do and places they needed to be. I am so happy that we got to share such a special moment with so many loved ones, it made it that much more special to us! And I shall wrap this up now, though I am sure you'll hear more shortly as we get things prepped for Germany! As always feel free to send Mariko and I comments, emails, messages and call us!

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