Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost in Distraction

Well its been a few months since I last posted, and we've been busy! Sorry for not posting sooner, but I've been distracted but many things.... most of the video games.  It's also interesting to see how certain topics were so amazing and easy to write about early on in our time in Germany, but as time progressed they just got more and more everyday.... in which case it is harder to talk about topics that feel so mundane.

I will definitely have a lot of posts in the next day or two about the gap that I was silent, but here is a basic run down of our time:

  • Traveled around Germany with Mariko's dad and sister
  • Played Mass Effect 3.... then became dissapointed in ME3 ending
  • Went to Wilhelmshaven for the weekend and met some friends in Bremen
  • Played Diablo 3.... then became frustrated at server downtime
  • Went to Italy for 5 days
  • Played Guild Wars Beta
  • Had a BBQ with Mariko's lab
  • Went to a "public viewing" of the German vs Denmark football (real football, not american) match
  • Went to Rüdesheim and took a Rhein River boat tour

So many posts for me to cover, and hopefully we can get through them in reasonable amount of time. Though Mariko and I are starting to run out of time for our wonderful experience here in Germany (just over a month left), we still have some fun things lined up and should be very fun!!

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