Sunday, February 05, 2012

Extreme Cold!

It is cold, I mean really COLD, currently in Germany. And I don't want to hear anything about "oh you just aren't used to it"... I lived in Colorado for over 15 yrs and rarely wore things like gloves and snow boots and all those other things that keep you warm. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an Eskimo or one of those crazies wearing shorts during a blizzard, but I can handle some reasonable amount of cold.

However right now both Mariko and I are freezing our              off.... feel free to insert what ever word you feel fits the best and I'm sure it's been frozen. We've had the pleasure of standing in the cold waiting for buses and trains, we walk to groceries stores and work in this unholiest of weather.

And to prove that it isn't just us being pansies: CNN: Situation 'tragic' as winter weather blankets Europe . That's right even CNN has reported about this winter. I can summarize most of the article for everyone though. Europe is experiencing its coldest winter in 25 years! Snow and ice abound across the continent (luckily no major snow here), causing cities to shut down with the severity of it.

There are even reports of some German towns recording record lows!! I mean how cold does it have to be in GERMANY for the weather men to look at the temperature and say "Oh Shit!! Never heard of it being that cold!"

So for those of you in warm places, you know who you are, just be happy and lucky that your feet aren't small little blocks of ice in your shoes.

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