Friday, January 13, 2012

A story of Hair and water

So just in case all the guys out there are not familiar with a certain unpleasantness that comes from living with a woman I'm going to fill you in, ladies should be mostly aware of this already. Woman apparently have this uncontrollable, and at times gross, ability to shed. Now I'm not talking "oh look a few hairs are stuck in my brush", no I'm talking "dear god! Where did this miniature Cousin It come from and why is it trying to attack me?!"

Ordinarily loose hair, or even clumps of hair don't bother me too much, but there is one aspect of shedding that I still get grossed out by... wet clumps of hair in the drain (gives me the shiver writing about it). But it is something you have to get used to living with a woman. Our apartment in Fort Collins had a healthy supply of drain-o for us to use... and we had to use it fairly regularly.

Lets jump to early this week. Mariko and I noticed that the drain in our shower wasn't draining properly and our rug was getting soaked (the shower is sunken into the ground a bit). Naturally after the shower I pulled out what appeared to be a drowned mangy kitten from our drain.... it was super gross and I swear that I saw it look at me. We knew it was time for some drain-o.

Of course those of you who know Mariko and I know that we can be forgetful sometimes... so of course we have still not picked up any. Jump to yesterday. After Mariko's showers she informs me that the drain is getting worse and she had to mop up some water in the bathroom. Ok, we both knew that we really needed to remember the next time we were at the store. Now for the fun part! After getting out of the shower today I notice that the bathroom was flooded!! Not simple splish splash, but our rug was floating around the room on TOP of the water. So I started mopping.

After spending 30 mins cleaning up
About 2 mins into my mopping I realize that bathroom is about an inch higher up than the rest of the apartment.... and water flows down. I open the bathroom door to see the water across most of the floor. Luckily due to the slope of the floor nearly all the water settled in front of the kitchen or by the windows.... but there was still A LOT of it.

The amount of water just in the kitchen area
So I used every towel that we had in the apartment and started soaking up the water as best as I could (our mop really isn't too effective).  The bucket began to fill up mighty fast, and I wasn't even half way done. But I kept at it. Soak and then squeeze.... over and over. Finally I've gotten the floor down graded from water park to "just mopped and forget to dry the floor".

So lesson for all you guys: Take shedding seriously. Its a common affliction that affects 75% of all women, most who are too ashamed to admit it. Give them your understanding, give them support... but most of all give them drain-o.

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