Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The feel of Fall

So finally Fall has made its way to BS! During most of our time here in Germany has been with hot summer weather, so Mariko and I have been looking forward to some cooler weather.... and hoping that we have an actual Fall (unlike Colorado most years).  And of course our Fall started with some REALLY cold weather. We went from one day being short-sleeve weather to the next being jacket and scarf weather. It was raining and blustery for a few days, making us worry a bit... but luckily it warmed up for a few days once more.

The weather since then has slowing been getting more fall like each day. Now it truly feels like Fall out! The skies are mostly cloudy for the whole day, but grey clouds that hint at rain... not the dark boiling clouds that promise to soak you. Add to that the wind that is almost constant.... which varies from a light breeze to strong wind. But any wind makes it difficult if its raining, because if you are attempting to use an umbrella then the wind will either turn it inside out are try to wrestle it out of you hands.

But of course one can't forget the tell tale sign of Fall... the leaves changing. Walking down the streets one can see a variety of colors adorning the trees, everything from the deep green of pines to the golden yellow of the seasonal trees... and even some that have completely lost all of their leaves. Mariko happily crunches any leaves that she can find along the ground while walking... one of her favorite past times to be sure.

This is our apartment building.. we are the balcony of the very top
So the weather is getting a bit cooler (which is nice when you have a room on the seventh floor) and the days are getting a bit shorter, but I know we are little happier with it than having hot weather all the time. One thing that I love about the colder weather is that is makes having coffee or tea much more comfortable, I mean who doesn't love curling up with a good book and warm cup of coffee/hot chocolate/tea on a raining windy day.  Speaking of which, I think its time for me to go make some coffee of my own!

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