Thursday, October 06, 2011

Double or nothing

GO GO GO!! Stop!! Relax.... repeat!! That is what it feels like the German way of life is. Being in Germany for two months now, I've come to realize that Germans have two modes...

  1. Moving. When they are moving Germans are moving fast, you either need to go or get out of the way.... they will run you over. This is also evident by their stop lights.... it goes green->yellow->red (like the US also) but then it goes red->red+yellow->green (they want you to know its time to move!
  2.  Relaxing. When they are not going, Germans are usually relaxing and relaxing just as intense as they move. It is customary when eating at a restaurant here to take 2+ hours to eat.  When walking behind a German who is relaxing be prepared for sudden long stops (and the easiest way to tell if they are relaxing is if you are walking faster than them-> they are relaxing)
The two modes of Germans are interesting in the fact that they are intense about both methods. When they are moving, nothing better get in their way and woe to the person who does. When they are relaxing it doesn't matter how long something takes, they just enjoy it. All or nothing, it just happens to be the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Not surprisingly though, I actually prefer this type of living (when you get used to it). Work when its time to work, but relax when its time to relax.... I've always been a fan of that motto. But here, they make sure to take ENOUGH time to relax. In America we take just enough time... one little word makes a big difference.

So remember next time you are planning your day, thinking about what needs to be... don't forget to take that time to breath, relax... and hey maybe take a nap. And if anyone makes a comment, just tell them you are living a more sophisticated European lifestyle.... its what I do after all.

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