Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Life is a game

Mariko and I have met some good friends during our stay in Marburg, though they all tended to be of varied personalities (which is nice, I always enjoy variety). The nice thing about making friends, other than the obvious thing of having friends, is that people come and visit. And one such visit happened to us once more over the weekend. That's right we've had 3 friends stay with us now, and this time was Kirsten. She is the oldest of the three visitors, and closest to my age, so rather laid back and enjoys talking..... we get along nicely.

Kirsten decided to visit us Saturday night. Her train got in late, but she is quite the night owl so it was fine (I made Mariko take a nap so she would stay up longer). We walked home, got comfy, made ourselves some drinks (vodka and apple juice proved very yummy) and started playing our new board game: Das Spiel des Lebens.... aka The Game of Life!

We opened up the packaging, separated all the monies, cards and little plastic bits and started reading the instructions...... about 45 mins later we were ready to play! But I have to say that The Game of Life has changed drastically since I played as a kid... I must be getting old. I don't remember all the profession card choices, or house options... or Life tiles for retirement... bizarre.

Well the game went smoothly once we started and we enjoyed reading everything auf Duestch! By the end of the game it was getting late, well for Mariko, so bed time was soon on the horizon. Though sooner for Mariko than Kirsten and I... we stayed up talking just a bit longer.
A god towering above the mere mortals of Lebens!

Sunday dawned early for me, while the two girls slept in.... for some reason I like to wake up early when we have company. But I wasn't bothered in the slightest, just lazed about and read some. Soon it was breakfast time, so I started cooking! This was about the time that everyone was waking up, so it was good timing.

Most of the day went by slowly: we played some video games, watched some movies and spent a lot of time cooking.... it is enjoyable to cook for people! The day was a very lazy and relaxing day, which is always nice.

We walked back to the train station, grabbing some dinner along the way, and planned on having Kirsten catch to the 20:03 train back to Göttingen. We arrived at the station around 19:40, and I was very shocked to see that the times were still about an hour old... so I double checked my phone and sure enough it said we were on time. So we went to the automated ticket station and checked out the times and connections for her..... and guess what? My phone was an hour late.... because daylight savings comes to Germany earlier than the US! So its a good thing that it was earlier than we thought instead of later! Luckily Kirsten just took the 19:03 train and was all set!

So we learned this weekend that:
  • The Game of Life is both simple and complicated
  • Lazy days are fun
  • Apple Juice + Vodka = yummy
  • Know when Daylight savings time is

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