Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food and walking

Food! Yes food is good and truly an amazing thing! And not just for sustenance, but for the flavors, textures, and experiences. Food feeds the soul as well as the body. If you can't tell I love food, and have refrained slightly from posting too many pictures about food (Mariko said something crazy about not everyone enjoys pictures of food).

But this entire blog post is about food! So I am sorry, but if you read on it will contain pictures of scrumptious food and locations in which we ate said food. Those who can not handle pictures of such tastiness turn back now! You have been warned!

But moving onward, Mariko and enjoyed a pleasant day to ourselves after class the other afternoon. We took a bus up to the Schloss and planned to go into the museum. But first came lunch! Being as we are on a budget, we knew we had to limit our price... we prefer not to eat only one meal a day. For those of you who read my earlier post called Culinary Extravaganza, you may remember me mentioning the restaurant just beneath the castle. Well we decided to go to the same restaurant, but slightly different. Instead of inside, which is ludicrously expensive (from what I heard); we at outside in the beer garden section. The pub fare (as the basic food is called) was relatively cheap and quite filling.

Of course both Mariko and I started off with a beer, it was a beer garden after all. We both decided to get something of the potato nature... I went with a baked potato and Mariko had Pommes Frites (or what you Americans call french fries). We needed all the carbs that was provided.... it was a long way through the Schloss Museum and then back down.
My beer was on the left and Mariko's is on the right!

The menu even states the beginning of the Beer Garden
The view was also amazing! That is one thing that I can't get enough, and will miss about Marburg, the abundance of locations that offer amazing views. We sat there and nibbled on our food and drank our beer for about 2 hours. One thing that we noticed, was that the beer garden was started in 1701... yeah its been around for a while.

A little later in the week, we were showed a quite little cafe that we would have probably missed on our own. It was called die Pause, which translates into the break... an apt name for such a cute little place. The menu was primarily for breakfast, with some things for a late brunch appetite. Mariko was adventurous and ordered a Summer Salad, it had apples and goat cheese along with the usual salad items.....though Mariko thought that the cheese tasted as if she had liked a sheep. My choice of meals was the Hademade Spaetzle with Wurst. It was very good, but sadly I got excited and forgot to take a picture. Spaetzle is a German cuisine that is essentially dough dropped into nearly boiling water. It cooks quickly and just needs to be fished out. Most Spaetzle pieces are the size of noodles, but they can be any size you want really.

It was a very large salad, and took a few people to help finish it

Rachel was all to happy to help with the salad

The second seating area for the cafe

That was a very fun little place, that our friend Rachel showed us. As you can see from the picture those stairs aren't built for major foot traffic, and thus we never have gone down them. The cafe has a small indoor section and then two outdoor patios. The indoor section (and kitchen) is at the top of the stairs in the picture and we sat at the first landing, the second landing was just a little further down the stairs. Funnily enough just below the second landing was someone's garden, with chickens. And they were quite noisy through our entire meal.

The third cute place that Mariko and I ate at was the Kaiser Wilhelm Turm (Tower). We walked from out dorms in the StudentDorf to the tower through the woods. It had just finished raining, well was still sprinkling a bit, so the walk was very pleasant and had almost a magical feel to it. Mariko certainly fell in love with the forest. Luckily for us it was mostly flat, but no hike in Marburg can be without hills completely. The cafe is a part of the tower itself and quite small, but cute. We ate inside, as it wasn't very warm outside, but had a pleasant view. We both ordered simple wurst meals, but they came with some extras (bread and veggies)
This was part of the forest we walked through

The cafe is just to the side with the glass windows

Mariko being her usual cute self

Mariko got Rindwurst

I had Bockwurst
 I hope that my food post didn't bore too many of you, and as a heads up my next post will be talking about the Kochen Kurs (cooking class) that Mariko and I to with a group of Fulbrighters. We learned how to make some German cuisine!! Until next time.

And P.S. I heard that some people were having problems with posting comments. If so, I apologize and the problem should be fixed. If not, please let me know.

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